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Fire fighting foams

Fire fighting foams are one of the most widely used fire extinguishing agent in the fire safety industry.

The usage of foams is preferred over other fire extinguishing agents due to several reasons, some of which include the ability to suppress vapors and prevent their ignition even before a fire has started, further more foam concentrates can provide protection from easily flammable liquids during critical operations of rescue personnel.

Another important property of foams is that they can be used to cover oil (or any other type of fuel) spills with a bubble blanket and thus avoid any possible fire ignition.

Our Products

We offer our customers a variety of foams suitable for a number of different environments and critical situations.

Our company’s policy is to not only control and inspect all key extinguishing properties of our foam, but to also constantly test them on the field and collect feedback from our main customers.

Thus we can ensure a high quality and excellent extinguishing time.


Product line with the highest quality, effectiveness and efficiency.


Products tested by professional firefighters in real field situations.


Ecological line that does not harm nature.


Economy line that offers the best prices on the market.