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HIMIFOS® ABC-Е is a multipurpose, monoammonium phosphate based, dry chemical powder that is treated with flow promoting and moisture repellent additives during manufacturing.
Extinguishing powder HIMIFOS® ABC-Е has a long shelf life in original package and is suitable for charging fire extinguishers, powder fire extinguishing systems and fire vehicles with powder installations.
High efficiency on fires involving ordinary combustible materials such as wood, paper, cotton, rubber, many types of plastics as well as fires involving flammable liquids and energized electrical equipment up to 35 kV.
Due to its versatility, HIMIFOS® ABC-E is best suited for use in combined fires class A, B, or C. HIMIFOS® ABC-Е can be produced in yellow, blue and purple color.

Important features

  • Certified according to EN 615
  • Possibility of manufacturing according to customer requirements
  • High efficiency
  • Environment friendly


Applicable in the following industries – All types of Production Plants, Fire Brigades, Woodprocessing industry, Textile industry, Chemical Industry, Industry of processing rubber and plastic products, Automotive, Maritime Industry and Railway Industry.


HIMIFOS® ABC-E dry chemical powder is considered foam compatible.


According to NFPA Standard 10 it is not recommended to use dry powder ABC for extinguishing fires involving cooking grease or vegetable oils.


HIMIFOS® ABC-E dry chemical powder is formulated for storage 5 /five/ years. The powder is stable at temperatures up to -60°C, with an upper limit of storage up to + 80°C.
HIMIFOS® ABC-E must be disposed of in certain places because of its solubility in water.


Never mix in a fire extinguisher – extinguishing substances based on monoammonium phosphate with extinguishing agents based on bicarbonate, because of the chemical reaction which may occur.

Main ingredients % Monoammonium phosphate

20 ± 2,0

Ammonium sulphate

64 ÷ 74

Monoammonium phosphate

30 ± 2,0

Ammonium sulphate

54 ÷ 64

Monoammonium phosphate

40 ± 2,0

Ammonium sulphate

44 ÷ 54

Moisture % < 0,25 < 0,25 < 0,25
Bulk density, g/cm 0,90 ± 0,07 0,90 ± 0,07 0,90 ± 0,07
Sieve analysis, %

/Tested acc. annex C, method 1//

Particles under 40 μm 20 ± 8

Particles under 63 μm 30 ± 8

Particles under 125 μm 20 ± 5

Temperature resistance °C – 60°С ÷ + 80°С – 60°С ÷ + 80°С – 60°С ÷ + 80°С
Extinguishing efficiency

21 A

113 В

21 A

113 В

27 A

144 В