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The products in this product line suit you and your business best if you put highest priority on High Quality, Effectivity and Efficiency.

By applying the absolute highest standards in the industry our PremiumLine products ensure and provide:

  1. Maximum storage life, extended by proper storage
  2. Shortest extinguishing time
  3. Properties which do not allow any further inflammation of the burning materials
  4. Payment terms customized with the customer’s needs
  5. Possibility to extend the shelf life of the product after the expiration date
  6. Option to buy back the powder after the expiry date, provided that the powde was bought from us
  7. With every next order from us, the client has special privileges- % discount on new purchased quantity


DESCRIPTION Fire extinguishing powder CARBO® BC-E GRIM is a siliconized potassium sulphate based dry chemical powder, that is suitable for use on either Class B and Class C type fires, as well as fires with electrical voltage up to 35 kV. During the manufacturing process, it is treated with flow promoting…


DESCRIPTION HIMIFOS® ABC-Е is a multipurpose, monoammonium phosphate based, dry chemical powder that is treated with flow promoting and moisture repellent additives during manufacturing. Extinguishing powder HIMIFOS® ABC-Е has a long shelf life in original package…