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DimiLex® AFFF is highly effective synthetic aqueous film forming foam concentrate based on surface active agents. A combination of surfactants, foam stabilizers and antifreeze compounds fighting non-polar hydrocarbon fires.

The foam forms an aqueous film that rapidly cuts off the oxygen supply and thus knocks down the fire. The film forms a stable blanket that suppresses the release of flammable vapours and cools down the fuel surface, extinguishing the fire and preventing reignition.

The low surface tension of the water-foam solution enables the aqueous film to float on top of the liquid surface.

Important features

  • Certified according to EN 1568
  • Possibility of manufacturing according to customer requirements
  • High efficiency


DimiLex® AFFF is mostly used by Military industry, Fire Brigades, Oil and Gas refineries.

DimiLex®AFFF is used in all foam equipment and installations for fighting fires of class A + B. Non-aspirating equipment may be used for hydrocarbon fires where the aqueous film is active even without expanded foam.

DimiLex® AFFF is especially suited whenever rapid fire knockdown is essential. It is ideal for any area where flammable non water miscible fuels are stored, handled or consumed. It is compatible with dry chemical powders class A, B, C and D and can be used in powder/foam twin agent systems.

Description DimiLex® AFFF  1% DimiLex® AFFF  3%
Concentration 1% 3%
Density at 20°C 1.045 +/- 0,02 g/ml 1.025 +/- 0,02 g/ml
рН 6.5 ÷ 8.5 6.5 ÷ 8.5
Viscosity at 20°С < 20 mm/s < 10 mm/s
Freezing point From -2°С to -25°С From -2°С to -25°С
Melting point From -1°С to -24°С From -1°С to -24°С
Suspended sediment (v/v) < 0,2% < 0,2%
Storage temperature -25°C up to + 50°С -25°C up to + 50°С
Expansion < 15 < 15
25 % drainage time ≤ 5min. ≤ 5 min.


DimiLex® AFFF is formulated using specially selected raw materials, selected for their fire performance and their environmental profile. DimiLex® AFFF is biodegradable and low in toxicity.


We supply DimiLex® AFFF in 25 kg drums, 200 kg drums and in 1000 kg container.

International approval EN 1568.